Spaces powered by data

The is a platform, sensor network and API which makes data available from in and around large and dynamic spaces.

Creating Smarter buildings

We measure all activity including movement of people, assets and environmental factors in new and existing buildings on a real-time basis.

We make this data available for automation, development and analytics purposes.

A smart building solution to manage and optimize any site.

How does it work?

  • Collect data
  • Analyze insights
  • Trigger actions
  • Automate processes

This is how it works

Basically, our sensor network collects and aggregates data. Our API discloses the data to trigger alerts, automate processes and feed third party applications.

For more information on the API and its functions, please check the API documentation.

Unlimited possibilities

Direct cost reductions, improved user experiences and additional revenue streams.
Analyze data, trigger events and automate your building.

Cost reductions

The platform provides a cohesive set of metrics with actionable insights that can improve the operations in a building enabling:

  • Energy savings
  • Asset tracking
  • Sick leave management
  • Improved logistics
  • Actual risk insights
  • Lower financing costs
  • Reduce insurances
  • And more...

Revenue optimization

With the right analytics, overall improvement can be established in previously unexploited or underperforming markets such as:

  • Rent optimization
  • KPI measurements
  • Valuable data sharing
  • Staff benchmarks
  • Increased partner sales
  • Customer behavior insights
  • Targeted marketing
  • And more...

Improved User Experience

A network of sensors will contribute to the ultimate well being of users of a building. They will experience this in areas like:

  • Customer engagement
  • Healthier environment
  • Cleaner facilities
  • Digital way-finding
  • Improved accessibility
  • Managed expectations
  • Better service
  • And more...

No building is the same. You will only pay for what you need, depending on the data you are interested in.
We offer tailored made subscriptions and for an accurate estimate, please contact us.


Alejandro Kruger


Initiator of various start-up businesses in both the services and manufacturing industry. Successfully sold his stake in an innovative marble production company in 2014.

Background in international tax-law with broad experience in financial services, real estate and manufacturing.

Richard Canneman


Technology expert with 18+ years of experience and proven track record setting up businesses in The Netherlands, Japan, Singapore and the US.

Main expertise in: Web Applications, User Experience, IoT, Build environment and Start-ups

Our Partners

  • TQ Amsterdam
  • Google Ventures
  • City of Amsterdam
  • The Next Web
  • b.Amsterdam
  • Healthy Workers
  • Tweetonig
  • Flora Holland
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • BAUW
  • SemTech